Password Cracking – John The Ripper | Identifying Hashes and Finding Wordlists

Pwnhub presents Password Cracking – John The Ripper | Identifying Hashes and Finding Wordlists.

John The Ripper Identifying Hashes

John The Ripper will automatically attempt to identify the hashes that you give him. However, this can be prone to error. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there that you can use to identify password hash types. One such tool is hash-identifier which will come preinstalled or should be installable via your package manager or via cloning it from GitHub. To run the tool you simply type the name and then it will ask you to submit your hash. It will then spit out a list of hash types in the order of likelihood. Then you can use that information to manually tell John what type of hash you want to crack.

Getting Wordlists

A question I get asked a lot is where I get my word list from. Well, there are many locations. Most penetration distributions come with a wordlist preinstalled. However, you can download them from the internet. One particular wordlist that I would like to shine a light on is seclists. Seclists is available from GitHub and has almost every type of wordlist you could ever want. For the purposes of this demonstration, I will be using the rockyou.txt wordlist from the data breach.

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