TheHarvester – Find Local Singles In Your Area

TheHarvester, while it won’t help you find local singles in your area, it will let you scrap information about a organisations. It has a variety of arguments that can be appended to your search query in order to search for specific things. TheHarvester crawls the web and uses sites like linked in to gather information about organizations and their employees.

Shodan – Gaping Holes Publicly Displayed

Shodan is a search engine for internet connected devices. Their crawlers search the internet for devices. However, unlike google or any other civilised search engine, this search engine searches for and indexes vulnerabilities. Furthermore, you can apply a number of filters such as geographical location or type of product.

MXToolBox – Box Stuffed With Tools

MxToolBox has a plethora of tools that I used to use for technical support. However, it is a great tool for hacking if you aren’t overly familiar with the command line alternatives. The interface is nice and it provides a number of tools that can perform queries against IP addresses and domain names.

HaveIBeenPwned – Box Is Leaking

HaveIBeenPwned is a web application that allows the user to check whether an email address has been compromised in a leak. Leaks happen when a database full of user information is leaked online. These databases often contain email addresses and passwords which hackers can use to gain access to those email addresses and any services associated with it.

Maltego – Getting To Know All About You

Maltego is a power Open Source Intelligence Gathering Tool that allows the user to map out a targets assets. It offers various options such as IP addresses, websites, domains, and users. These options all have a number of “transforms” to gather further information. It’s amazing how quickly you can build up an attack surface for a target.

Google – Getting To Know You

Google Dorking is by far one of the best methods for open source intelligence gathering. By using specific operators, one can gather a wealth of information about a target. Learning these operators will also help to improve your general google searching abilities. Being able to filter for specific words and file types can help refine searches.