Hack This Site


Hack This Site Basic Missions are small challenges that help new hackers get to grips with techniques used for hacking. The techniques used throughout the basic challenges include enumeration, directory traversal, server-side include injections, and many others.

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Hack This Site Realistic missions are missions that simulate real-world scenarios. The missions range from hacking Nazis to School grade databases. They test your knowledge of a variety of techniques including Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Cookie manipulation, and many others. These missions are a lot of fun and are very immersive.

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Hack This Site ExtBasic or Extended Basic Challenges are a further set of challenges in the basic category. This challenges are more programmatically focused and require you to solve basic programming logic problems.

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Hack This Site JavaScript Missions are missions that focus solely on JavaScript and the security implications of misusing it. JavaScript is a client-side language and shouldn’t be used for functions like password verification. These missions are a lot of fun and education and are something you could easily blitz through in your spare time.

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Pwnhub is not affiliated with HackThisSite. Hack This Site is a free training ground for users to test and expand their hacking skills. Our community is dedicated to facilitating an open learning environment by providing a series of hacking challenges, articles, resources, and discussions of the latest happenings in hacker culture. We are an online movement of artists, activists, hackers, and anarchists who are organizing to create new worlds.